"Put It Out of Your Mind" by Jesse Harris

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, December 14, 2010
So there's that one Norah Jones song that I like (you know the one), probably because back in the early 2000s I couldn't walk into a store anywhere without that song smacking me in the face and begging me to love it, like a Danza Slap on Pride Weekend. The Grammy-winning tune was written by Jesse Harris, who's also a performer, and I can't stop listening to the lead track from his latest album, Through the Night, even though it hasn't gotten much airplay. It's a jazzy-poppy confection titled"Put It Out of Your Mind," and this time I'm asking for the Danza Slap. Listen:


There's a love that I remember
Died just like a burning ember
In a fire with logs all broken
Had you had your eyes wide open

None of this would seem unkind
Don't you think about it
Put it out of your mind

None of this was on the line
Don't you think about it
Put it out of your mind

There's no time anymore
Like there was before

Did you think I'd beg forever?
All you ever said was never
Now your voice is filled with sorrow
Saying can I see you tomorrow

None of this was your design
Don't you think about it
Put it out of your mind
Put it our of your mind
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