Thunder Mountain Is Scarier at Night...and Other Disneyland Observations

One of the luxuries of having a friend who works at Disneyland is that sometimes you get invited to the park's special holiday celebration exclusively for employees and their friends and family. Yup, boorish Midwesterners (and no-adjective-necessary Romanians) get kicked out of park at 6PM to make way for Brent and me. Here, then, are some conversations I had with Brent on Monday.

On Thunder Mountain

PRINCE: Aaaaahhhhh!

BRENT: Ha ha ha ha ha!

PRINCE: Aaaaahhhhh!

GIRL IN FRONT OF PRINCE: (Turns around to glare at Prince.)

PRINCE (in her face): Aaaaahhhhh!

After Thunder Mountain:

BRENT: That girl didn't like you.

PRINCE: WhatEVER.... I don't remember Thunder Mountain ever being that scary or being that long.

BRENT: They say it's scarier at night.

PRINCE: That was the best Thunder Mountain ever! (Thinking about the glaring girl.) Aaaaahhhhh!

After It's a Small World

PRINCE: That was like a drug-induced nightmare.

BRENT: I bet you wanted to be on drugs while riding that.

PRINCE: I didn't have to. You know how people on diets have "meal replacements?" That ride was like a drug replacement.

Before the Indiana Jones Ride

PRINCE: I've never been on this ride before. I'm excited.

BRENT: Yes, you have. We went last time.

PRINCE: No, we didn't. I don't recognize any of this.

BRENT: Yes, we did! Remember the Jeep?


BRENT: Remember the boulder?


After the Indiana Jones Ride:

PRINCE: Okay, so I have been on that ride before.


PRINCE: And I know why I didn't remember it.


PRINCE: Because it sucks!

At the Cafe Before Leaving the Park:

PRINCE: I wish I were hungry because I would get a croissant. Why are croissants so good? Why do sandwiches taste better when they're on croissants?

CLERK: What can I get for you?

BRENT: I'll have a—

PRINCE: A croissant!

(Moments later....)

PRINCE: Nom nom nom nom.


  1. Why do you insist on skipping the best ride in the entire park...the Buzz Lightyear ride. WHY?? Because you hate all that is fun and holy??? WHY?

    DISCLAIMER: I'm only assuming you skipped it since had you been on it it would have appeared on this blog post and probably monopolized it for all its awesome glory.

  2. Howard, I think I've been on the Buzz Lightyear ride before...but I don't remember it.... Which can only mean one thing....

  3. Well, yeah, the Buzz Lightyear ride kinda' does suck, considering its target age group.
    IT ROCKS!!! Aaaaahhhhh!
    Maybe Howard is right about you hating all that is fun and holy?
    Or do you just enjoy things that are hole-y?

  4. Target age group???? If by that you mean from fetus to 1000 years old, then you would be correct. I had a conversation with a 60 year old about Disneyland and HE, yes, HE luuuuurved Buzz Lightyear.

    There's only one reason you'd hate the Buzz Lightyear belong to the evil Zurg and are trying to take over the galaxy.