"Little House" by Goldenspell: Awesome Song, Awesomer Video

When the band Goldenspell (my friend Eric's one-man music project) asked me for a blurb to promote an upcoming show (March 30 at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles), I happily said "yes" because: 1.) I'm really good at sounding smarter and more perceptive than I actually am; and 2.) I honestly dig Goldenspell. I mean, look at the magic I can spin when I really like something:

"Characterized by ethereal vocals and inviting indie-pop sensibilities, the aptly named Goldenspell evokes a bit of mid-career Flaming Lips and late-career Rilo Kiley. But Goldenspell's sense of driving percussion gives the band a more propulsive sound that begs its listeners to hit the dance floor."

"Little House" is an awesome track, and its music video (directed by John C. Bradbury—you know, Jake!) is a terrific bit of filmmaking and DIY effects. Watch:

That song, as well as a couple others, can be downloaded for free here, you cheap bastards!

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