More Asian-y, More Asian-y!; or: The Return of Jukebox Stories

I've been sitting on some exciting news for weeks now (are you surprised that I can keep a secret?), and it's finally public! Jukebox Stories—my storytelling, song-singing, bingo-playing theatrical extravaganza, which stars me and musician/nerd Brandon Patton—is one of only ten shows tapped to be a part of the National Asian American Theater Festival. In Los Angeles for the first time, the Festival is happening in conjunction with the National Asian American Theater Conference, where hundreds of artistic leaders and artists from around the country convene to talk shop and spread gossip. (Okay, they're here to talk shop, and I'm here to spread gossip.)

You know what that means, right? Brandon and I have to work on making the show even more Asian-y than it already is! "How is that possible?" you ask. "The last time I saw Jukebox Stories, I walked out feeling compelled to open a laundry business." Well, just know that we have plenty of Asian-y tricks up our sleeves. So save the dates—June 24 and 26, 2011—as we prepare to ching-chong it up for your entertainment! (Our first shows in three years!)

More details are forthcoming. In the meantime, check out this article about the festival and conference in the Los Angeles Times.


  1. oh MAN! I got all excited until I saw it was in LA.


  2. WJackalope, if we're in L.A., then the Bay Area isn't that far, hmm?

  3. ok now I see where you're going with this...