Perverted Peeping Tom (Cat); or: The Return of Bamboo Nation--All Day, Every Day

Longtime Bamboo Nation readers (all of whom I want to rub up against violently in order to show my appreciation) know that the golden age of this blog has long since passed. Gone are the days when I was posting regularly, multiple times per day even, keeping you thoroughly entertained at your boring job or helping you become better at procrastinating.

But just because the good times are a distant memory doesn't mean they can't return—with the kind of enthusiasm and fury that will surely cause you extreme discomfort (because of all that rubbin'-up-against-ya friction).

So, for the foreseeable future, let's get Bamboo Nation back on track here. I'll do my part, and all you have to do is read regularly and, if you're so inclined, comment passionately (after all, the Romanians are still doing so, against their better judgment) or share my more compelling posts via your various social networks or send me funny (or amazing) videos to ensure I have a fresh stream of content. If you've been reading me for a while, you know the kinds of fucked-up clips that make me laugh or cause my jaw to drop in awe.

For example, the cat in the following video is a perverted peeping tom. And I think the inherent comedy in this is sublime. Watch:

Welcome back, everyone! (Well, not exactly all day, every day, but as much as Princely possible.)


  1. You've seen INception Cat, right?

  2. I'm glad to hear that Bamboo Nation is back on track. I always enjoy your updates, so I'm glad that they'll be coming out fast and furious.


  3. Isaac, ha ha, that's cool. By the way, it was great catching up with you at AWP. Meant to drop you a line weeks ago, but I'm doing it now. In public! To make people jealous!

    Donovan, are you back in town?

    WJackalope, it's you! You're back too! Yay!

  4. I'm glad to hear that you're back and I'm sure that you'll be better than ever!

  5. Prince,

    It was great seeing you! We definitely have to find more random conferences to get cheeseburgers and beer at.