Whitewashing "Akira" (Now with Liquid Bleach to Keep Your Whites Even Whiter!)

As you may have heard, the powers that be at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are making a live-action film adaptation of Akira, the popular Japanese manga and anime. This is exciting, right? Right?! Um...well...you decide. Watch:


  1. This video is badass Prince.

    But really, I'm gonna tell all my (obviously Asian) Malaysian friends not to watch it either. That way we can screw Hollywood on the international scale too.

  2. Howard Ho3/26/2011

    I kept waiting for you to reveal that the person who kept talking to you in the video was Pork Chop!

  3. You think that Hollywood wouldn't do this to black people because we are perceived as angry? You are sadly mistaken. They had a movie called "The Lion King" which took place in an AFRICAN country and the lead (voice) was a white American. Moreover, they didn't even have any natives in the film! Disney released Mulan which actually featured Asian characters. It took Disney years before they would even have black characters in their films...

  4. TCDO, thanks for taking this international!

    Howard, I thought about a crossover event, but he wouldn't have any part of it.

    Maesmith, points taken. (But I was being satirical.)

  5. well said Prince. Also, have you seen this?


  6. WJackalope, thanks for the link. Awesome!

  7. Anonymous4/01/2011

    Done. This non-Asian is convinced and I'll make sure and convince a few other non-Asians as well.

  8. Beautiful Prince. I enjoyed.

  9. Anonymous8/02/2011

    I'm English, not Asian, but I am really saddened by this ongoing homogenisation of protagonists in movies. I am also a little scared: I am writing a story that uses east asian culture and ideas. Its two heroes are both half Japanese, there is also an extended cast of characters from around the world, including Chinese and Japanese people.

    I am taking great care in how I present them, to avoid the stereotypes of Asian characters always spouting about honour, etc and to not be offensive, and to just present my heroic duo as two best friends and likeable guys, who happen to be Asian. But this kind of casting that occurred with Airbender and now Akira really bothers me... and yeah, you're right... it was going on right back when Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee of all people!!!) was screwed over regarding Kung Fu. I am still angered when I imagine how much more amazing that series would have been with Bruce Lee as its hero.

    Does this mean that no matter how cool and likeable my heroes are... they won't be accepted by mainstream audiences because they aren't white?

    It shouldn't. Avatar The Last Airbender, Akira (and the recent manga and anime boom in general) and videogames have a wealth of popular Asian characters, and have reached huge audiences of all races.

    I swear... if my story ever reaches any kind of level of popularity, if a movie is ever to be made of it (and I would love that, obviously) I will fight to the bitter end to prevent them from homogenising the cast. You have my word.

  10. Hi, Anonymous, thanks for your support! And best wishes your project!

  11. This just goes to show how shallow and short-sighted Hollywood can be. "Akira" should at least be given something of a "Kill Bill" treatment, if not the full Kurosawa treatment. White Boys just don't belong.
    I went to New York this summer with some tickets for The Book of Mormon. That about sums up this idea: a white boy so far out of his element he can't relate.
    Maybe we can get Bollywood to remake "Of Mice and Men" while we're at it.