Amusing Inner Monologues + Yummy Chinese Cooking = "Romance of the Three Kitchens"

The brainchild of sometimes-musician Scott Tang and often starring the sometimes-musician Quincy Surasmith, "Romance of the Three Kitchens" is a unique web series that blends introspective, often funny inner monologues with enticing, meditative shots of Chinese cooking. What's more, if you're sufficiently inspired by watching regular folks make meals, the series' official website provides actual recipes—the show is a gift that keeps on giving! (Me? I can throw a frozen dinner in the microwave with the flick of a wrist!)

One of my favorite episodes riffs on one of my fondest childhood memories: The Greatest American Hero. That lead character's signature clumsiness and outsider status are things an Asian-American kid growing up in Indiana like me could identify with. Even back then, I was prone to turn blankets into capes to prove it.

Anyway, watch:

Visit the "Romance of the Three Kitchens" website for more videos and (presumably) tasty recipes.

I was hoping to break this news to you, but KCRW's food blog beat me to the punch. (But I bet my readers can generate more views than their readers! Yeah, that's right! Gauntlet thrown down, KCRW!)

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