The Power and Influence of "Walking for Kisses"; Plus, a Behind-the-Scenes Exclusive

I always knew that Pork Chop's "Walking for Kisses" routine would go viral on the Internet, but I didn't quite anticipate how far and wide and crazy it would spread.

My favorite mention is on The Huffington Post, but the video has also been featured on The Animal Rescue Site, Buzzfeed, Tosh.0 blog, The Daily What, and the front page of AOL (!), among many others. Google "walking for kisses," and you'll see what I'm talking about. Pork Chop and I turned down offers to air the video on the G4 cable network and the Fox News Channel—I mean, what?, give them permission to run the clip so they can mumble "that's f*ckin' gay" and laugh cruelly? No way. (Chalk it up to paranoia, but those are the instructions I received from Pork Chop.)

Anyway, I did an exclusive interview for the Catsparella blog, where I give some insight on how "Walking for Kisses" came to be. Check it out.

Read my interview on the Catsparella.

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  1. I have been a Bamboo Nation fan (bamboozled?) since '07.
    I can't believe I'm just now learning that Pork Chop is polydactyl!
    Will you marry me?