"All I Want Is Megan Fox For Christmas" by LeBon LeBon; or: David Cope Is "Too Backstreet Boys for the Backstreet Boys"

In case you just can't get enough of the holiday season (I mean, really, why would you want to let go of all that reckless boozing?), take a look at this very funny and irresistibly danceable music video from LeBon LeBon, the brainchild of David Cope and Demian Mason. "All I Want Is Megan Fox for Christmas" is as delightfully absurd as Wham's "Last Christmas"—but this time it's intentional. (One would hope.) Watch:

One of the most painful Jukebox Stories shows that Brandon Patton and I have ever performed was probably in Philadelphia (don't ask), but I did get to meet David Cope, who is the super-talented musician we opened for and who had a stockpile of terrific original songs to prove his super-talent. I've written about him (and his idiosyncrasies) before here, most notably about how the Backstreet Boys' manager once told him that a song he wrote was "too Backstreet Boys for the Backstreet Boys." How freaking cool is that? David Cope, you're Philadelphia's saving grace!

Can't get enough David Cope? Here he is on ukulele. Ukulele!:

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