On My Playlist: "Waiting for Kirsten" by Jens Lekman; or: A Song About Stalking Kirsten Dunst

2012 might very well be the year that all the worst Mayan prophecies come true, but 2012 is also the year that I've been listening to a lot of Swedish indie rock. What those two things have to do with one another, I don't know. What I do know is that my journey down the Swedish indie rock rabbit hole (of songs thankfully in English, by the way) began when I accidentally stumbled upon Jens Lekman.

My favorite song of his so far is "Waiting for Kirsten," an amusing and sometimes introspective tune about celebrity stalking and, curiously, the social welfare of Gothenburg.

Jens explained the inspiration for the song at a concert: "Now the thing with Kirsten Dunst is that she said in an interview once that she liked my music, and I've been trying to be not too impressed by that. But I grew up next to a potato chips factory in the suburbs of Gothenburg. And so what can a potato chips factory boy like me do when Kirsten comes to my town except obsessively stalk her through the night?" Listen:

If you're like me, you promised yourself to never again see another Lars Von Trier movie after watching Breaking the Waves and Dancer in the Dark and wanting to stab yourself in the eye with a wooden slate (in natural lighting)—but I have to admit that Melancholia, starring Kirsten Dunst, looks moderately intriguing. Moderately.


  1. Howard Ho1/10/2012

    If you like that, you'll love A Postcard from Nina, which has a great backstory that he tells before he performs it.

    btw, Jens Lekman is soooo late Oughts.

  2. Shut up, Howard, I bet you've never even heard of Steve Reich.