BLOGATHON 2006 ENTRY #13: Defamed

Reporting From Glendale, California.

Without going into detail about the music video, one of the main parts of the shoot was getting footage of the actual yellow VW bus from Little Miss Sunshine driving around town and then showing up at the special advanced screening of the movie at a drive-in theater in the City of Industry, where many other VW buses showed up. (I asked someone at Searchlight why it was called a bus and not a van, and she said that after much discussion with their legal department they had to call it a bus.)

During rush hour traffic, it's about an hour-and-a-half drive from the Fox lot to the City of Industry. Well, the VW bus didn't make it more than five miles when it began to break down. Any gear above 1 was no where to be found, and the bus wouldn't go more than 20 miles an hour down heavily trafficked streets such as Pico and La Brea. An executive decision was made, and the van was ordered to go back to the lot, missing its own advanced screening and depriving Loren of the footage that he needed to make his video. Dejected, Loren and I went home.

We soon found out that a VW van that was the same color as the one in the movie happened to show up at the screening, and they had a guy on a camera there who was able to pick up some usable shots. That random VW van doubled for the one that we were using earlier in the day, and Loren was able to piece something brilliant together.

"This is a Christmas miracle," I said to Loren.

"This is a Christmas miracle," he said.

And somehow the VW bus debacle ended up appearing on the notorious online Hollywood gossip column, Defamer, that very evening. Word travels fast in this goddamn town. But they say that there's no such thing as bad press.


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