BLOGATHON 2006 ENTRY #4: Loving the Excess

Reporting From Glendale, California.

When I got into high school, Vegas started to become less interesting to me. Years and years of wandering video game arcades like some crack whore down at the bowery made me world weary. Also, I was beginning to see Vegas for what it really was—a sad and gaudy city with lights bright and plenty in order to hide the desperation and disappointment. So while my parents would continue their drives to Vegas, I would stay behind and pretend to do homework.

As an adult, I can accept Vegas for what is. If you go there knowing what you're getting yourself into and if you give in to the utter and sheer excess, you can have a good time.

Plus, if you're a conservative poker player, you can have fun and longevity at 7-card stud. (It's the best and purest form of poker. I don't like this hold-'em crap. Sharing cards?! What is that shit?! What's mine is mine, motherfuckers!) I don't know if I have the best poker face though. I can play all night, cool and collected, but, when I'm in possession of a winning hand, my face starts beaming. I just get so excited. Like a crack whore down at the bowery at the beginning to a shift.


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  1. Anonymous7/29/2006

    Where, exactly, is the bowery?

  2. Hold 'em is great, Prince. You just suck at it.

  3. Community cards?! In poker, there IS no community! It's me against everyone else, dammit!