"HSM" Naked Pics for Drake Bell?; Plus, Drake Sings About His Cock Some More

In an amazing Bamboo Nation twist, I just found out that People magazine recently reported that High School Musical's Vanessa Anne Hudgens (yes, Zac Efron's girlfriend) at one time sent naughty (nude!) photos of herself to Drake & Josh's Drake Bell. (He denies ever receiving them.) Who could have imagined that my new Drell obsession would be so intimately connected to HSM? This coincidental twist of circumstances is almost Shakespearean in its irony.

Meanwhile, in my repeated listens to Drell's latest album, It's Only Time, which is a delightfully frothy pop confection, I'm realizing that the album's first song, "Up Periscope," is also about his cock! When he refers to a "periscope," um, that's a metaphor!

I was only half-joking in my previous entry about Drell's cock serenade, but my art of exaggeration is becoming a mind-boggling reality. Just listen to "Up Periscope" for the proof (the song starts about 45 seconds in):

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  1. I don't know Drake Bell, and I don't watch the TV show, but I love that this photo has such an early Beatles look.

    Would YOU admit accepting nekkid pics of VH? What, oh whatever what would we do with them?

  2. Did he just say, "Don't you want me to be the captain of your submarine?" Oh, yeah, Drakey, get your metaphor on.

  3. He also keeps telling her to roll over. Hmm. Does Drake love the back door action or what?

  4. Hey this guy is also on the 'Amanda Show', that Amanda Bynes show and I know this coz one upon a time I used to enjoy that show. Yes, but.. but I was like 14 and stupid.

    Regarding the Hudgens naked photo...man its ironic how the 'supposed good girls' always go to hell and nothing really happens with the 'supposed bad girls'. Case and point is Aguilera and Spears. Bad girl got married and settled down, good girl show vagina to the whole world.

  5. Oh yes Drake is dirty and I love it.
    I'd bang him in a heartbeat.
    OH how I wanna get down and dirty with the fit ass Drake

  6. Anonymous11/29/2009

    Fantastic, Drell ( Drake Bell ) is gay