Unsung Movies: Queer Flicks (Part 3 of 5)

My curiously alphabetical list of homotastic movies began here and here. And now, it's time for more films to kick-start your gaytarded weekend.

Ma Vie En Rose (1997) is about a 7-year-old French boy who likes to dress up in women's clothing. Well, we all know where this story is heading. An outraged family, colorful fantasy sequences, and a hasty resolution later, this sweet film about acceptance is simple and to the point—with a fabulous Michele Laroque (also great in The Closet) as the Very Confused Mother:

Mambo Italiano (2003) is a movie about wacky Italian-American families that have to deal with wacky gay sons. But instead of drowning in its own wackiness, the movies ends up being pretty funny, and it features an appealing cast. It's nice to see traditional Italian machismo flipped upside down (and taking it in the rear):

A Man of No Importance (1994) features Albert Finney, who punches bus tickets in 1963 Dublin, has a love of Oscar Wilde, and holds a very dirty secret—which he represses, redirects, and channels into leading an amateur theater troupe keen on staging Wilde's salacious Salome. The film is funny and tender, and features a beautiful, heartfelt resolution. I can't embed the trailer, so this picture will take you the trailer page:

Nico and Dani (2000) is about two 17-year-old boys trying to get laid during a hot Spanish summer. Two girls who are infatuated with them seem the most likely prospects...but wait a minute. This film is a little bit gay, right? Hmm:


  1. i've seen the last two... and loooooooooooved them.

  2. Quin, you've got to rent "Ma Vie en Rose," it's exquisite.

    I'll watch the last two, in exchange!