Get Your Damn Hands Off My Diet Coke!; or, Recapping Jukebox Stories 03.28.08 & 03.29.08 (Los Angeles)

Prior to Saturday night's rockin' good performance of Jukebox Stories at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles, a mother and her toddler were playing around on stage when I arrived to set up for the show. Having been traumatized all week from the spate of assorted baby magazines and ads that had somehow appeared in my mail, I was in a baby-hating mood and had to grit my teeth, play nice, and endure the little girl, who eventually put her germ-ridden baby hands on my bottle of Diet Coke and ran off with it like she had just found buried treasure and I was a rival pirate.

The mother said that the girl was taking the Coke to her father, who was in the venue's main restaurant section, but that they would return it to me later. They did, and I had to disinfect the Diet Coke by rubbing it down with my shirt and using the power of my will.

A few minutes later I discovered that the germ-ridden baby belonged to Adam Sandler who sauntered into the performance space to try to calm his restless child.

ADAM: How's the rock 'n' roll?

PRINCE: It's great.

ADAM: It's cool inside here.

PRINCE: Yeah. Have you been here before?

ADAM: Of course. It's famous.... You ready for tonight?

PRINCE: I'm always ready.

Then they left, leaving a lingering trail of baby germs that no amount of celebrity can counter. That's how powerful baby germs are.


  1. Surreal!
    Why didn't you mention that to your Saturday night audience?

  2. That's it? That's your recap? Did he watch your show? details...

  3. Peter, I didn't mention it because Mr. Sandler was still in the building when we started. I think he took off some time during our set, but I can't keep track of things! I have people to entertain!

    Alan, no, I don't believe he saw any of the show.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me the crazy shenanigans that befall you. Is it just that you live in a surreal landscape?

    Meaning L.A.

    Congrats on the Alist pencil pick! It's great to see a media outlet like that validate that there is a universal love of The Goonies. Whoo!

  5. I love that Adam Sandler's toddler is trained to bring him bottles of Diet Coke.

  6. What? He no stay for show??? Boo.