No Comment, Part 2

[How does Peter from Plastic Bubble World of all people keep finding these Internet ads? You remember the first one, right?]


  1. Oops... I meant THIS ad really got my goat today... aw heck, they all do... WTF?!?!?!?

  2. what makes me laugh is, the dp on my current film keeps saying he bought his wife.

    i know he's joking, but...

    according to these ads, some guys DO do just that.

    i'm not sure who it's a sadder commentary on...

    and, dgp? what are you doing browsing for these women? and then, you send them to my gbf...


  3. I wouldn't mind having Filipino beauty. Right now, I've got American "loveliness and talent" but I could probably use a different look once in a while, just to mix it up.

    Oh. A Filipino beauty. Noun. Never mind.

  4. This ad is so enticing that I kind of want my OWN Filipina beauty, and I don't even swing that way!

  5. Oh, believe me, I wouldn't even be aware of these ads if they didn't keep popping up on the Asian guy candy website I keep visiting while at work, since we are blocked from most blogs, etc.