How Is It That I Wield So Much Power Over Popular Culture?

Rachel, who is a fancy Broadway producer, sent me a desperate text message the other day that read: "Do you have a few moments where I can pick your brain re: casting? Your knowledge of boy bands is needed!" Apparently, a major star is ending his run in a popular Broadway musical, and Rachel is looking for someone of his caliber to replace him—preferably a boy band member with some name recognition. I, of course, was her first choice as the go-to authority on boy band celebrities and other pop stars who may be ready to cross over into Broadway.

We spent quite a bit of time evaluating boy band members and solo pop singers to gauge their level of popularity, their potential interest in Broadway, and, of course, their hotness. Knowing that the NKOTB will be busy with their reunion tour and album, I had to help Rachel come up with a viable list of alternatives, while slyly slipping in some of my personal favorites.

So, if months down the line you're shocked by an announcement that some Top 40 pop singer is going to perform in a certain Broadway show, don't be shocked. Consider this post your fair warning.


  1. Will it be hoping too much if I say you suggested my old luuuvvver Scott from 5ive?

  2. You are a powerful, powerful man in the industry, and that is why I am waiting patiently in line to sleep-my-way-to-the-top with you.

  3. So... whoever replaces Lance Bass as Corny Collins, you get to take credit?

  4. CD, alas, Scott is hot but not popular enough in the U.S.A.

    Peter, be sure to get a number.

    Jeff, now you know I strategically kept everything general as not to tip off what Broadway show and what Broadway star. I won't tell. Sorry. (But it's not Hairspray, and that's all I'm sayin'.)