My Readers Are Hilaaaaaaaaaarious; or: Steve vs. Joe, Part 2

[This is Part 2 in a series. Here's Steve vs. Joe, Part 1.]

I thought for sure that my recent post about the Olympic torch protests would be the most controversial, most discussed of the year. But noooooooooo. You, my dear readers, have decided that yesterday's post about Steve and Joe and Blue's Clues would be 2008's most hotly debated, most commented topic.

As I suspected, Joe is taking quite a beating in the Steve vs. Joe poll. I told you people that Joe will eventually come across my blog! He's bound to see his embarrassingly low percentage. Do you really want to make a grown man cry?! If Joe weeps, I weep. If Joe feels pain, I feel pain. You people are hurting me! I mean, look at the cruel numbers so far:

Will somebody throw Joe and me a bone here?! He's not going to win this poll, so a few votes for Joe won't sink Steve. It will merely raise Joe's percentage enough to keep me from inflicting PAIN on myself. Please please please? I'm re-posting the poll here. Take it now if you haven't already (the vast majority of you haven't!):

What must I do to convince you to help my cause? Is this shocking photo of a bald Steve enough?!

How about the following clip of Steve, guest starring as a cold-blooded killer on Homicide: Life on the Streets (as pointed out by Coyote Tales) while he was still on Blue's Clues?! His murder confession starts at about 5:50—he shoots a naked boy in a high school locker room shower! That's just wrong!:

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