Contest Winner! Prince's Number of Movies Seen in the Theater This Year Revealed!

The winner of Bamboo Nation's latest contest is William, who has lately been one of the most interactive readers of this blog. People were asked to guess how many 2008 movies I've actually seen in the theater this year so far, and the answer is 34. William was just a mere 8 movies off by guessing 26. Other entrants were off by as much as 41. Now, c'mon, I go to the movies a lot, but I do have a life beyond my popcorn butter-soaked afternoons at the Mann in Glendale (but not much).

William, e-mail me your mailing address and what magazine you want as your grand prize award. Congratulations!


  1. Oh, darn it!

    I really wanted a subscription to Glamour. It's like Cosmo with less ridiculous sex advice.

  2. Oh, Diana, someday you will be a winner. Someday....

  3. I thought I was doing well by having seen 18 movies on the big screen this year. Obviously, I've been slacking.