Fuck Mike Valentino (in Every Available Hole)

[It started here. And now it continues....]

You've got to hand it to Mike Valentino. He's figured out how to publicly bait me. This bitch's latest post is bold enough to include a picture of a hot surfer's naked ass, to demonstrate how the rednecks in his North Carolina hick town must really talk like, and to openly dialogue with himself about what to do about me and my unbridled man lust. He still won't accept my MySpace friend request because he's a pussy. Maybe if I hack into my big-breasted sister's account and use her profile to trick him, I'll be able to access his spank materials (his photos)?

Well, aside from the surface pleasures of Mike Valentino, I must admit that his blog is pretty funny. There. I said it. I will never refer to him as a human being ever again and only as a hot piece of ass. You have to read his post about the boys in his neighborhood. It's hilarious. It's the South. Be glad you don't live there.


  1. Holy cow, this is funny watching this cat-mouse flirtin' goin' on (sorry, Mike, but you know it's true)!

    How in the world did you find each other?!

  2. I must be an attention whore or something. And to anyone who cares, the flood gates are open. The Myspace request has been granted.

  3. Holy crap! He gave me access to his MySpace photos! I'm getting out the lube and tissues and going over there right now. Talk to you all in a few hours.