Goonies Never Say Die!

As if curiously stopping production of its QueerSighted blog weren't enough, AOL is about to kill the once-influential blog (at more than 3 million page views per month, it was one of the leading gay sites on the web) by yanking all the currently live, archived material (including posts by me) from the Internet altogether. It'll be like it never existed.

So, in order to preserve my history, over the next few weeks I'll be migrating some of my QueerSighted content over here to Bamboo Nation, along with all reader comments (sometimes deeply felt, sometimes gut-bustingly hysterical). I'll also include new commentary that will put each of the posts in context and talk about some of the subsequent behind-the-scenes happenings that may or may not have contributed to QueerSighted's demise.

After all, I have fond memories of QueerSighted. Aside from creating an absurd amount of controversy, my posts there landed me work, connected me to film industry folk, spread across the Internet, significantly increased my readership, and served as fodder for Jukebox Stories—material that the East Bay Express called "hilarious" and the show's "pièce de résistance."

But before I start archiving that material, we must start from the very beginning. After seeing Zac Efron expose his hot stomach on the cover of Rolling Stone, I suddenly became very interested in the High School Musical phenomenon, which I knew very little about. So in order to fill up my spank bank with images of Zefron, I rented HSM, was shocked by its content, and immediately wrote a post called "How Gay Is High School Musical?"—that's the post that eventually led me to AOL, and it also holds the distinction of being Bamboo Nation's most discussed entry, clocking in at 70+ comments (and counting), from supporters, haters, homophobes, and tweens. Yes, it will not die.

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