If You Really Wanna Earn Your Man, You Need to Learn Your Man

I actually don't know what that title means, but Alexyss Tylor said it so it must be true and valuable information.

Anyway, as you may know, a new playwriting workshop I'll be teaching at East West Players' David Henry Hwang Writers Institute has just been announced. It's actually overbooked at this point (I guess students have heard about and are interested in the constant stream of verbal and psychic abuse I unleash upon them in each and every class), so we're thinking about adding another section, also taught by me, especially since I emerge to teach mmmmmaybe once a year.

If you are interested in this workshop (in which you develop a full-length play from scratch and have it performed in a staged reading by professional actors and a director), contact Literary Manager Jeff Liu immediately at jliu@eastwestplayers.org. Find more information here.


  1. Agh, you make me wish I lived in LA. :(

    -From the Bay, with love.

  2. Your title is a paraphrase of some lyrics in Dr. Dre's "Nuthin' But a G Thang."

  3. Mayka, yup, L.A. is where EVERYTHING happens!

    Howard: so tapped in to hip-hop culture. At least you got THAT going for you. :)

  4. The old bait and switch. I see...

  5. I am relieved to hear that you are overbooked. I was feeling too ashamed to admit that, right now, I cannot afford the exorbitant fee that would subject me to further, constant abuse from you.
    I have to wait behind the building in the parking lot, after each meeting, and get it for free.

  6. Peter, there are scholarships available.

    Or you can opt to be Mike Valentino's wife's sex slave.

    We live in a society of exchange.

  7. Tit for tat.

    Dick for that.