Unsung Movies

This week's edition of Unsung Movies is being pre-empted by a post somewhat related to the stuff I recently wrote about The Band's Visit (here and here). One of the many great scenes in the movie takes place in an Israeli roller disco, and the glorious song of choice is "Sunny," covered with righteous gusto by Boney M.—that 1970s Euro-disco phenomenon (at least in Europe) featuring four West Indian singers. I can't stop playing this song. Here's Boney M., way back when and fabulous as fuck:

Don't you fucking LOVE this?!


  1. i downloa...bought the film, and LOVE it.

    now that effing song is in my head.


  2. Quin, I'm glad you loved it. I also like that other song in the roller disco, the love song. In fact, all the music in it was pretty awesome.