Foreskin Envy

Sometimes I think I take my foreskin for granted. I was reminded of this tonight when I was reading an article in Details about guys who are resorting to using foreskin-stretching devices and even surgery to try to get back at least a little of what man has taken away. More and more men want the joys of foreskin, some of which are in dispute (increased penile sensitivity and pleasure) and some of which are not (you know how easy it is to spank it?). How far are some willing to go to get their foreskin back? Well:

Other restorers jury-rig their own devices. Richard Baker, a 28-year-old network analyst who lives in suburban Dallas, is using a sanded-down PVC pipe with medical tape, S hooks, and elastic waistbands from boxer shorts. He expects to finish restoring in about two years.

I can't quite picture how this amateur contraption operates, but, if I could, I'm sure it would be frightening. But in the next paragraph:

Richard shares his progress online, posting photos on a website called

Oh, god, I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can look. Wait a minute. I'm going to take a peek, and I'll be back.

[Visits site.]

Thankfully, it didn't allow me access because I'm not a member.

Read the entire Details article here.

I don't think I'm in too small of a minority anymore. So, men of Bamboo Nation, take this foreskin poll:

[Addendum: Check out Part 2 and Part 3.]


  1. I wonder if the Phoon man can get his recent surgery reversed?

  2. We welcome new members at the other Restoration forum mentioned in the article:

    Restored foreskin feels REALLY good.

  3. now why would I want to do that ??

    Well, I guess people would always want what they don't have...

  4. Anonymous10/15/2008

    Nope, circumcision is irreversible. Foreskin restoration only involves expanding the skin left on the penis. The natural foreskin is more densely packed with nerve endings, and contains a band of tissue that tightens at the end of the penis, which is connected to a frenulum just below the glans. Ya can't get those back once they've been cut off.

  5. Restored foreskin improves intimacy quite a bit.

    It protects the glans and the mucosa below the glans from drying and abrasion, and those tissues will shed built up layers of dead cells.

    It provides an awesome frictionless rolling/gliding mode of stimulation for manipulation and intercourse. This makes intercourse more comfortable and plush for a man's partner, and it gives whole new sensations for a man as the skin flares radially to clear the corona. There's just nothing like it; I couldn't have imagined how good slack feels before I restored.

    The regrown skin will not include the naturally puckering preputial sphincter, but all penile skin has a thin sub-dermal layer of dartos fascia (muscle tissue), so once the end of the skin tube spends its 24/7 life beyond the tip of the glans, it will pucker up and look pretty natural. There is a wide variation in "natural" anyway.

    Restoration will never replace the lost nerve endings - roughly half of what a male naturally has - but it will make the ones that remain work dramatically better.

    HIS body HIS decision.

  6. I have been restoring my foreskin for nearly 2 years and it was the best thing I have ever done. Feeling is back and I love the way it looks.