It's the Economy, Stupid

If the pollsters are right, then the American people are concerned about the economy more than anything else (except for whether or not High School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin'(*) is any good). So Aaron (now sober) rightly points out that another approach we can take on this whole issue of gay marriage is emphasizing that it's good for the economy. I know you like visuals, so the accompanying photo (click to enlarge) shows you what one same-sex marriage post did to this blog. Now imagine that graph representing small-business income in California.

Aaron suggests that someone start an online group called "Lawyers, Photographers, Florists, Caterers, and Banquet Halls for Gay Marriage." His reasoning: "Lawyers because more than half of all marriages end in divorce, and the rest of us because, let's face it, a whole group of DINK's splurging on weddings has got to be good for the economy. (DINK is 'Double Income No Kids.')"

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Jon Hunt throws his support behind the effort to defeat Proposition 8 by pointing out that "the hottest gay relationship in the history of ever...happens to be in the Bible." Other folks who are running with Bamboo Nation include The Bilerico Project, The Liberal O.C., as well as Powen's Preposterous Posterous and the very amusing Bitching My Way to the Brightside.


  1. Woah, those stats and your algo-whatsits just froze my internet! Hope those 2000+ hits turn into 2000+ 'No' votes.

  2. I'm glad you're getting so many views. You have such a strong voice and eloquence on the subject. It's truly inspirational to read your posts.

    People need to read about it and understand that it's not even so much a marriage issue any more...on a grander scale it's a civil right's issue. There's so much miseducation and misinterpretation on the issue and what gay marriage really means.

    Someone told me that at their church the priest had told them to vote yes because gay marriage comes with a mandate that churches HAVE to allow it, which obviously is BS. I said to her, "Gay marriage isn't going to get in the way of You and God or your belief system. So why would you want to get in the way of someone else's happiness?"

    I'm throwing ALL my weight to support "no on 8."

    Also, in Six Feet Under the gay character's name is David (who is my favorite and strongest character on the show), I wonder if Alan Ball got the name from the bible. Must investigate.

  3. Anonymous10/17/2008

    This YouTube video shows the absolute mess we're in:

  4. Narrioch, thanks!

    Ashley, the name "David" itself is so gay.

    Anonymous, thanks for the link. Liked those shots of dilapidated, small-town America. (But maybe "like" isn't the right word.)