Zac Efron Is Saving All His Love...for ME!

In a statement sure to give anyone a boner, Zac Efron, who is dating his High School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin'(*) costar Vanessa Anne Hudgens, was asked by the Daily Mail last week (in a frighteningly exhaustive interview) whether he was in love. He replied, "'I honestly have no idea, but I think I'm getting closer." REALLY?! Well, since the couple has not yet exchanged the "L" word, that means there's hope yet for me, for you, and for that 13-year-old girl who lives downstairs. I will fight you all. To the death.


  1. You know damn well what it means when a guy says "I'm getting close."
    It means Vanessa can look forward to sleeping alone.
    On the wet spot.

  2. I'm afraid you and I will both go down swinging for this one ;). Yum-my.

  3. You know he's just taunting you, P.


  4. well Perez Hilton is addicted to Zeffron .. you have a much better chance than him!! So you know what, since I love your blog so much -- I will give Zach a call and drop your name. hee hee.

    in all seriousness go for it!

  5. Perez, huh? I could SO take her! :)

    Hands off, bitches!