Man Tries to Pay Creditor With Drawing of a Spider, Part 2: What Goes Around Comes Around

Remember the guy who tried to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider? Well, he decided to put that much-circulated drawing up for sale on eBay, and it sold for a whopping $15,000! However, according to ninemsm:
The winning bidder, Patrick Munoz, told ninemsn he originally placed a bid for $99,000 — but that it sold for $15,000 because only 18 other people placed bids.

He now says the hapless graphic designer won’t be seeing a cent.

"I was just having a laugh about this," Mr Munoz said.

"I used my normal eBay account too — eBay is going to have the sh**s when they find out."

eBay spokeswoman Sian Kennedy said the photograph’s seller could take Mr Munoz to the police for breaking the "contract he made when he won the item".

"People need to be careful when doing this — Mr Munoz is taking the money away from the person who the sold the item," Ms Kennedy said.

"He should be ashamed."

Mr Munoz scoffed at the suggestion the bid was a binding contract: "eBay has to say that".

The man behind the drawing, David Thorne, said he was unfazed.

"The internet is a playground and I would not have it any other way," Mr Thorne told ninemsn.


  1. It's all so meta I think my head is going to explode. It's this kind of placing-dollar-values-on-
    things-that-aren't-real thinking that brought us the mortgage crisis, people.

  2. Sterling11/25/2008

    Ebay bids are binding contracts, though, it says it on the site. Factual error!

  3. I think eBay should get involved and hold a mock trial to bring this thing full circle.

  4. Or Munoz could petition to have eBay bail him out, thus rewarding David Thorne at last.

  5. but LAP only if Munoz flies to ebay's headquarters in his private jet... otherwise, no bailout and he's screwed. but he should look on the bright side, at least it was not a buy it now auction :-)