Things I Did

Celebrated Alissa's birthday at The Dresden in Los Feliz. Alissa, if you recall, is one of the founders of "Bramukkah," and The Dresden features "entertainment" by the "singing" duo, Marty and Elayane. After I made some disparaging remarks about them:
LOREN: Shut up! They are a Los Angeles institution!

PRINCE: They should be in an institution!
Went to Quantum of Suckage, which featured action sequences that were visually incomprehensible—I mean, they were shot and cut in a way that you couldn't even follow what was going on within a scene. ("Who just hit whom?!" "Which car just got smashed?!" "Whose gun fell to the floor?!" "What the fuck is going on?!") I've seen this technique used before to equally dismal effect, but it did work very well once—and just once. In The Bourne Ultimatum, you didn't feel like an outside observer trying to make sense of what was happening on the screen; you experienced the sensation of frenetic disorientation as if you were in the middle of the action, which, I suppose, is a testament to director Paul Greengrass. Goddamn, I love those Bourne movies. All of them. (The second, The Bourne Supremacy, is my favorite.)

Saw the full trailer for the new Star Trek movie, which ran before James Bond. I am the ultimate anti-Trekkie, but I have to admit that the new film looks awesome.

Watched the 60 Minutes interview with Barack and Michelle Obama. They're smart, charming, funny. The entire transcript can be read or the entire interview can be viewed here.


  1. My, you've been busy.
    I'm too overwhelmed to comment beyond this post!

  2. Oh no, Johnny must be crushed. Or disagree.

  3. The Bourne Triology kicked ass! I wish Jason Bourne is my husband....if he is my husband I could pick a fight with anyone and not be afraid cause my husband can beat the living shit out of anyone.

    Bourne can totally kick Bond's ass too me thinks.

  4. You know, I never thought Matt Damon was all that hot until the Bourne movies. Now I'm all like, "Back off, bitch, he's mine!"

  5. Just a quick note to let you know I'm really liking this new "Things I Did" regular feature.

    And that if anyone is the ultimate anti-Trekkie, it's me. Growing up Mom watched two shows: "Star Trek" and "MASH." Can't watch either one, like an aversion to whatever food you ate before you puked.

  6. Annie, glad to hear it. There's always been little things that I thought people would find interesting, but that I couldn't shape into a full post. This is a great alternative.

    ...As for the new "Star Trek," I can do it. I can commit. It seems different. Way different.