Being Sick Is Inefficient, Day 4

[Days 1-3 were rough. ]

Well, I officially have the stomach flu, but it seems the worst of it is over. There were times this weekend when I felt like I was a pregnant woman repeatedly getting kicked in the stomach. And if some omniscient voice asked me, "Would you rather continue feeling this way or would you rather die?," I seriously probably would've chosen death. I will spare you the graphic details of my illness, but, if you insist on knowing, there was one avenue in which I found temporary sweet relief:

If you ever have the misfortune of coming down with the stomach flu, don't hold anything in. You have to purge that nastiness from your body.

I forgot to mention a few things yesterday:

When my mother brought me liquids and things from Costco a couple days ago, she also brought me—inexplicably—three dozen eggs. Um...WHAT?!

Those of you looking for a miracle weight loss cure? Look no further! Get the stomach flu! My weight fluctuates, but it typically tops out in the lower 130s. But at one point this weekend, I was weighing in at 119.8 pounds.

Loren gave me a little Buddhist bell to carry around, so I could ring it anytime I wanted something...or anytime I wanted to annoy him with the sound of a Buddhist bell.

During the peak of my illness, Pork Chop slept with me all night. Cats heal. Seriously.


  1. narrioch1/05/2009

    Cats are permanent hot water bottles! To cheer you up - more horse madness from the uk:

  2. Awwww that's so sweet of Pork Chop. Wanting to stay with you albeit her being pregnant and all....


    Feel better.

  3. Cats are awesome like that. Feel better, man.

  4. Yes, I loves me my Pork Chop. :) And Narrioch, thanks for the link. I love UK headlines.

  5. Prince, I know you've been sick and so may not have time to apply for this (or maybe you know about it, and don't want to apply), but check it out anyway:

    I would have sent this via email, but for some reason I can't send out. Off to the Mac store to talk to a genius...