Introducing the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop!

The sleepy town of Vassalboro, Maine, just celebrated the opening of the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop, where its shirtless waitstaff of seven women and three men (who were selected out of 150 applicants) serve up pricey java ($3) and cheap thrills (free if you're over 18).

According to the local paper:

Elvis Thompson, 32, of Brunswick, was the lone male waiter at the coffee shop Tuesday morning, though he said there are two other male waiters.

Thompson, topless and wearing black boots and black shorts, said he was laid off from another job two weeks ago and then saw an advertisement for the coffee shop.

During the first day, Monday, Thompson said he waited on two ladies, one of whom told him she had been opposed to the business but now she thinks it's great.

Hmm. I wonder why she thinks it's great all of a sudden. Maybe the waiter allowed her to tweak his nipples? Now that's enough to sway even the most hardcore Puritan.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, the business has been a source of controversy. I don't know why. I want a topless coffee shop in my town!

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  1. Did you see those icicles? That's not a dirty euphemism--I'm worried about the waitstaff's warmth.

  2. seems like there might be a safety hazard there.
    anyway, i could care less what my coffeshop staff wears as long as the coffee tastes good.

  3. i'd be worried about foam splashing on my girls...

  4. Anonymous6/03/2009

    PAULA FURBUSH???? Come on- is that her real name?? LOL

  5. I think this business is great. Kids don't need to be drinking a ton of coffee anyway. And Adults have the right to be entertained. If someone is offended by the nudity, no one is forcing them to do business at this establishment. As long as the business is marked adults only and card the youth, there is no reason this establishment can't do business for many years.