Susan Boyle Goes Bat-Shit Crazy, Loses "Britain's Got Talent," Then Hospitalized.... WTF?!

Susan Boyle, who wowed the world with her stirring versions of "I Dreamed a Dream" and "Memory" on Britain's Got Talent, went so bat-shit crazy this past week that her appearance on the show's finale was in doubt and Piers Morgan had to defend her on his blog. Well, she made it to the show this past Saturday, expertly reprising that Les Miserables number...

...only to lose to a dance troupe named Diversity...

...and end up in mental-health clinic.

What a bizarre saga the story of Susan Boyle has been. I know she's poised for a successful singing career despite it all. I only hope she realizes that herself.

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  1. that Diversity thing was cool and all but there wasn't a whole lot of dancing. It was like dance for 5 seconds, gimmick, gimmick, gimmick, tumble, dance for 5 seconds, tumble, gimick.