Gardening Is Fun--Especially When You're Trimming Bushes

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Because of commercials, I'm just now beginning to realize how difficult women have it. Not only do your breasts need care while you sleep, but other parts of your bodies need high maintenance too. This ad for the Shick Quattro For Women TrimStyle With Bikini Trimmer encourages you to "mow the lawn," something that men (straight men, at least) don't feel the social pressure to do.

The other thing I "learned" from this commercial is that all black women have big bushes and all Asian women have small bushes. Seriously, that's what the ad suggests. Watch:

I personally believe that men should be properly manscaped—not shaved crazily or anything, but trimmed respectfully. What do you think? Ladies? Guys? Holla, straight dudes!

[Thanks to Superbadfriend for sending me this.]
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  1. Will Said,

    If I didn't get requests from time to time, I would never, ever do it.


  2. jterry Said,

    That commercial is patently offensive. As for men, hairy scrotums should be outlawed. If I wanted to floss my teeth, I wouldn't have my face between someone's legs.


  3. Ewww. There is a second commercial by the same team that's kinda funny and equally offensive.


  4. I am straight and I mow the lawn - not crazy shaved or anything, but I try to keep it tidy. Because I'm pretty hairy and you know, it makes it look bigger.


  5. Men should shave their faces and that's it.


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