New Contest! Leave a Comment to Win "Final Destination" DVD

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, September 01, 2009
Being so irked at The Final DUH-stination made me want to revisit the far superior original, which, at the time, was a fun, fast, wicked, and delightfully original entry into the horror genre. (And Candyman was in it...! Well, not Candyman, the character, but Tony Todd, the actor who played Candyman, to be exact.) Don't you want to revisit it too?

THE PRIZE: A Final Destination DVD. "A horror tale with a twist, Final Destination tells the story of teenager with strange premonitions about death and the mysterious accidental deaths that follow his life." DVD special features include audio commentary, DVD-ROM exclusive website, documentaries, and music-only track.

THE RULES: Leave a comment—any comment—by Monday, September 7, 2009, 11:59 p.m. If you don't have an ID you can sign in with, you can comment anonymously and leave your name or your initials; when I announce the winner, you'll know if you won and all you have to do is e-mail me to claim your prize. One winner will be chosen at random. Anyone in the world can enter (but please note that those of you not in the U.S. or Canada must have a DVD player that plays Region 1 DVDs), even those people who have won before.
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  1. Will Said,

    Prince, as much as I love contests, I'd REALLY like to hear more about the goings on in your life, whether it be interactions with Syd Field, awesome trips to Disneyland, or the king, Porkchop himself. That said, give me free stuff.


  2. I like the contests, except when I don't win. Then I get sad.


  3. William Said,

    Swimfan is underrated, don't you think? Just a little?


  4. What Will really means is: "Prince, write about ME! Do posts about the things that you do with ME!"

    What Superbadfriend really means is: "Prince, I am a friend and dedicated reader! Isn't it about time you rig a contest so that I win it?!"

    What William really means is: "Prince, I know Swimfan was atrocious, but, goddamn, Jesse Bradford is hot! Him in his swimsuit? That's enough whack material for a month!"


  5. John Said,

    Superbadfriend, don't be sad. I promise not to win this time. In any case, I still feel too dirty from last time to "win" again. Sigh.


  6. Ha ha ha! I can live with that interpretation Prince.

    "I still feel too dirty from last time to "win" again."

    Hee! Good luck John. Dirty, dirty boy. :)


  7. William Said,

    Wow, way to read between the lines, Prince!


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