Levi Johnston: "I Don't Have Anything to Hide," Part 2

[Read Part 1.]

In the second part of the Early Show interview with Levi Johnston, we are treated to shots of him working out in the gym (hallelujah!), as he preps for his "tasteful" Playgirl shoot. But still no definitive answer on whether or not he will go full frontal. He does manage to dig in to Sarah Palin some more, and CBS reads a statement from her in retaliation. Oh, salacious Thursday! Watch:

However, TMZ reports:

We've confirmed Levi Johnston plans to come out swinging -- the famous Palin-impaler is gonna go the full monty for Playgirl.

Levi's manager already said he was 90% sure the teen baby daddy would take it all off for the adult rag -- but now comes the confirmation ... in the form of the greatest statement ever:

"Everything's gonna hang out. We're talking full johnson."

His manager tells us Levi's gunning to shoot the nudie pics on November 16th ... the same day Sarah Palin makes her Oprah debut.

A Playgirl rep tells us of the shoot: "We're working on some athletic scene stuff for Levi: gyms, rinks -- that sort of thing."

But once again, Levi Twitters:

there's been a lot of rumours whether I'll go fulll frontal as of late... I repeat ===its NOT CONFIRM. ( not yet ) I will let ya guys know

What a freaking cocktease!


  1. After he shows his junk, will his 15 minutes finally be up? I can't imagine he has much else to offer. Personally, I'm ready for the white trash nightmare that is the Palin family circus to fade away and be forgotten.

  2. As long as Bamboo Nation exists, this will NEVER be over!

  3. Will it be over if the man underneath the hockey sweater proves to be, ahem, a disappointment?

  4. Hey, I'm a married straight chick and even I think he just has to show the full monty, now!

    Forget it! Levi has a moral obligation to continue upstage Palin and her idiot family. It's what makes me love him, not the nudity, it's the way he's not bowing to pressure from them.

    Anyway, it must be a pretty impressive eyeful if even Palin's kid threw her panties out the trailer window, for him, right?

    Or was that just the crystal meth talkin' that night?

  5. I wish he would just come out and say he needs the money. Just own that. Own that you're the breadwinner and you don't mind showing a little skin for a wad of cash that'll keep your life together.

    It struck me as weird how he was going on about how it will be tasteful. What does it matter bro? You've made it clear you could give two shits what people think of you. And that's cool. Just take your cash and be done. Return to Alaska, or wherever, and hunt shit and drink beer and bang chicks.

  6. I actually really feel bad for the kid. He's still a teenager and he's already been boxed in by something that happens all the time, getting a teenage girl pregnant. He just had the misfortune for it to become national news and will now forever be remembered as "that guy.". He seems smart enough to realize he was getting used as a political pawn. Although I'm not sure now that he's getting exploited by other people or if he's exploiting the situation. In any case, where does he go from here once the junk comes out? Where CAN he go from here? Dancing With the Stars? An ESPN saturday morning hunting show? Hardcore porn?

  7. Before all this Palin stuff went down, Levi was a self-proclaimed "redneck" who probably barely graduated high school. What kind of future did he have then? However ridiculous his trajectory seems to be now, it's got to be a whole hell of a lot better than what he had in store before. He's semi-famous, a magazine is giving him a lot of money to wave his wang, his modeling career seems to be moving in the right direction. For a "redneck" in Alaska, that's a good deal. Now he's got to keep his family afloat financially now that his mom's in jail. A boy's got to do what a boy's got to do.