Hey, That's My Voice!

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What happens when I am tasked with spending an entire afternoon with celebrities, including an Oscar winner and an Emmy winner? Where will my penetrating, highly intellectual journalistic instincts take me? Why, to a ridiculously banal game of word association, of course! Why ask questions about the craft of acting and the state of race relations in America when I can instead bark random words at Forest Whitaker? Oh, what fun I had! In the following promo video for Our Family Wedding, I don't manage to snag any screen time, but, yup, that's my deep probing voice. Watch:

Someone could very well have an alternate career on Password!
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  1. Ashley Said,

    Noice! I'm so proud that there's an Asian in that mix, even if you didn't get any screen time.


  2. Well, if there were Asians in the movie, they would've called it "Our Fam-a-ree Wedding."


  3. Annie Said,

    Well, there were pics of the sister's new Asian boyfriend in the credits. That doesn't really count, though. (It really should have been a girl..maybe an Asian girl.)


  4. OMG, somebody actually went to this movie?!


  5. Hey! That's you!
    And you are SO rocking that press junket.


  6. quin browne Said,

    i plan on seeing this... and i'll bring some cake with me to nosh on while i'm there.


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