An Award Nomination; or: A Potential Weapon

Remember that (500) Days of Summer commercial that I wrote the copy for and that Loren directed and that stars our apartment and that aired on Top Chef Masters last year? It was just nominated for a Key Art Award! (According to handy Wikipedia: "The Key Art Awards are an annual collection of honors given for outstanding achievement in artwork and other promotional materials advertising movies. The awards are sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter, a trade paper published for the entertainment production community.)

Have you ever seen an actual Key Art Award? It's something you can stab people with! I would so take this with me to dangerous neighborhoods. (But why do I get the distinct feeling that the trophy will not go to me? Hmmm....)

Check it out!


  1. Congratulations Prince! Throw it on your resume and double your fee ;-)

  2. Thanks, Donovan. I will quadruple my fee!