The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of "HSM"

As if Zac Efron's angry dance through a golf course in High School Musical 2 weren't entertaining enough, we were treated last week to a hilarious Sims version of that musical number ("Bet on It").

This week brings us more riches with "The Hills Are Alive With the Sound High School Musical," where a YouTuber re-edits the sequence and times it to the opening tune from The Sound of Music. Watch the magic of Zefron pounding his hand and spreading his arms exactly during the most opportune lyric. (Thanks to QueerSighted for the tip). See it now before Disney pulls the plug:


  1. when we find your body in the ditch... michael vick will be the only person not on the list of suspects.

  2. Everybody's a suspect. Did you learn NOTHING from Murder, She Wrote?

  3. As I sit locked in my home recovering from a cold by catching up on Prince's HSM wisom, I would like to make the following comment, which is in no way effected by my inability to leave the house in two days:

    With regard to the Gayness of the Zefron: if MY hips swished that much, my flaming effeminacy would have lit every place I've ever visited in an effervescent fireworks display.

    Just sayin', that shit's gay.

  4. JTerry, hope Zefron's gayness helps you recover faster.