Unsung Movies: Queer Flicks (Part 4 of 5)

Ready for another gaytarded weekend? Well, it's time to continue my alphabetical list of movies, which began here, here, and here.

The Object of My Affection (1998) has so much going for it. The seriously hot Paul Rudd gives such a warm performance that you just want to hug him (and then do other unmentionable things to him). Jennifer Aniston is so charming as his roommate, madly in love with him and wishing his character were straight. The smart and funny script was written by late playwright Wendy Wasserstein from the novel by Stephen McCauley. And it's all held together by famed theater director and sometimes filmmaker Nicholas Hynter:

Priest (1994), a London-set gay melodrama, stars a stellar Linus Roache as a man of faith with a very dirty secret. When he starts simultaneously praying to and ogling the figure of a half-naked Jesus on a cross hanging on his wall, you know this man has ISSUES. It all builds up to a breathtaking, heartbreaking, and unforgettable final shot. When I saw this in the Bay Area a dozen years ago, an elderly couple was apparently duped into seeing the film by Miramax's advertising campaign, which makes no mention of the film's gay themes and punches up a crisis-of-faith subplot about a girl in trouble. When the inevitable priestly sex scene happens, the elderly man started yelling out in horror: "WHAT?! WHAT'S THIS?!" Precious. Just look at this gay-less trailer. It's kind of ingenious how they did that, but now that you know what it's really about it's kind of amusing, isn't it:

Threesome (1994) is about three college friends—one of them gay and majorly crushing on the straight guy, who's majorly crushing on the girl. They bond, become close, and...well...push the boundaries of what friendship can entail. The unbelievably cute Josh Charles captures the life of a queer coming into his own in college:

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  1. One of my favorite movie lines ever comes from OoME: "Freud didn't know dick about women."

    (I so crush on Paul Rudd. Also, Josh "Knox My Sox Off" Charles.)