San Francisco! Go!

For those of you who are in the Bay Area this weekend and planning to attend some of Frameline's San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, there are two screenings you have to check out for exactly two reasons—1.) because I said so, and 2.) because the San Francisco Chronicle said so. (Did anyone save this past weekend's Pink Section of the Chron? I was told that my picture is in it! Gimme gimme gimme! I have to continue building my shrine to myself.) The screenings are:

1. The Lost Coast on June 20. I've already blogged about Gabriel's movie and why you should see it, but, since then, the movie picked up Best U.S. Narrative Feature at NewFest: The New York LGBT Film Festival. The awards committee said it won "for its emotionally engaging narrative, raw and accomplished performances, and technical craftsmanship and beauty." Honestly, I am going to cry tears of joy because Gabriel won't. Where's your motherfucking heart, Tin Man?!

2. From Singapore to Seoul and L.A.—Gay Asian Shorts on June 21. The short film I'm in, Laundromat, is in this program, and the Chronicle wrote, "Former Bay Area playwright Prince Gomolvilas takes a turn in front of the camera as a gay fussbudget whose hunky boyfriend doesn't know to separate whites from colors"—as if "fussbudget" is derogatory. I wear it like a badge of honor, bitches!

Unfortunately, I won't be in town (I'll be busy dodging knockers), so you have to go and tell me how the screenings turn out.

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