Things I Did: Thai Food, Political Movie, Google Reconciliation

Had lunch at Palm Thai Restaurant in Hollywood with Tobin, a friend from my dorm days in college. He reminded me that he and my roommate Mike used to take pictures of me while I was asleep. Apparently, I didn't move all night long, and my sheets covered me neatly with military-like precision.

Went to the Thai market in Thai Town in Hollywood to buy chili paste with soya bean oil, lychees, almond jelly, and ruam mit.

Had lunch at Classic Thai Restaurant in Eagle Rock with Jake and Josh, who happened to be stranded in Glendale because his Toyota was being serviced. With a proper amount of needling, we got Josh to tell us a story about how Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds once pissed on the grave of a studio executive.

After an eventful Christmas Eve, Loren and I decided to spend Christmas day alone. We saw Frost/Nixon (ridiculously entertaining, given the subject matter), and we went to Alhambra for Chinese food (Alhambra is about 50% Asian). Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant, can I get a hell yeah?!

After announcing last month that I was replacing the Google ads on this site, I have now gone crawling back to Google like a crying little bitch. Since I was eager to raise money for a Filipino houseboy and an Applebee's franchise (not necessarily in that order), I had abandoned Google in favor of hand-picked "affiliate" ads that ended up earning jack shit because revenue was wholly dependent on if readers actually bought the products being advertised. They didn't. So it's back to the sometimes unsightly Google ads (seriously, some of them look like they were designed by 5-year-old girls) because in my experience CPC and CPM ads are way better. (For you novices, this is what "CPC" means and this is what "CPM" means.) I will never betray you again, Google! (But I'm still not buying into Google Chrome. Firefox, baby, Firefox!)


  1. Dude, Safari kicks Firefox's ass any day of the week. Also I want to know bout the Clint and Bust story. Tell me!! It's so scandalous and dramatic- I NEED TO KNOW!!!


  2. Was that the studio exec who said neither of them would amount to anything? If so, he deserved to have his grave watered by Clint & Burt.

    Have a Happy New Year, Prince!

  3. TCDO, see Adoresixtyfour's comment. That's what it was about. Burt told that story directly to Josh. Ha ha ha! They are badass!