Is It an English Lesson? Aerobic Exercise Instruction? Or a Video on How to Handle Your Drunk, Cheating, White Trophy Husband? All of the Above!

Just because I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area for the day doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you. The reason I'm thinking about you, of course, is because I'm thinking about Zuiikin' English, the Japanese TV show in which you learn English by way of aerobics, for use during your inevitable encounters with American robbers and during your bouts of diarrhea. This week, Japanese women who eventually marry Caucasian men that turn out to be drunken cheats learn how to deal with the consequences of their actions. Watch:


  1. i'm not sure about how my japanese is coming along, but, my arms are getting firmer!

  2. Maybe he wouldn't drink or cheat so much if his wife didn't have such a shrill, annoying voice.

    HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!