"Christian Side Hug": Religious Rap That Will Make Your Jaw Drop for All the Wrong Reasons

You already know how much I enjoy it when Christians try to spread their message through secular music. It is this innovative thinking that has yielded such spectacular results as "TRMITK" and "Jesus Is My Friend"—two videos of musical performances so unintentionally funny that it's enough to make you believe in a higher power. Well, now it's time for hip-hop music's entry in the world of serious but hilarious (to us) religious songs. "Christian Side Hug" embraces an abstinence-only message (because frontal hugs are sinful), while mixing in phat beats, Star Wars samples, and truly gangsta gunshots. Brace yourself. Watch:

[Thanks to Michael DeAntonio.]


  1. this just might be the worst thing ever.

    are you kidding me? Are these people really suggesting that it's sinful to hug somebody? Perhaps, just perhaps, that might be taking the whole abstinence message a bit too far.

  2. TBP, now, you see, if you give a girl a full-on front hug, you might get her pregnant! Didn't you learn that in sex ed.?

  3. if front hugging is wrong then I don't want to be right.

  4. The Christian Side Hug rap was a total Joke and spoof....but it should have came with some sort of disclaimer. Since the end result was basically making Christianity and look stupid.

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