How High Can I Get?, Part 2

I'm not entirely sure why the previous post about my hair is ranking so high (PostRank scores all my blog entries using some complicated algorithm that measures traffic, user engagement, and other mysterious factors), but I'm savvy enough to know that I should do a follow-up.

I believe the consensus from you, dear readers, was for me to keep letting my hair grow out, despite the fact that it makes me emotionally uncomfortable. So...a compromise.

I went to my stylist and asked him to trim only the sides, allowing the top to grow out until I have a nervous breakdown. I simply can't let the sides grow out because it gets all poofy, and I don't want it to look like I'm wearing a black football helmet or like I'm that kid. You know, that kid.

My hair now currently looks like this (click pics to enlarge):

The ultimate goal, I suppose, is to conquer the 'do that is currently modeled by hot celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who I've been rooting for on The Celebrity Apprentice. His hair is FABULOUS in a way that I can only hope to achieve some day—if I do enough good deeds and am cosmically rewarded, I suppose. I mean, seriously, how does he get it to look like this?!:

I want that hair! I WANT THAT HAIR! Does anyone know how to get that hair?!

[Update: Read "How High Can I Get?, Part 3."]


  1. Yeah, I know how to get that hair. It's called being white. Asian hair is coarse, and it don't do that.

  2. The people desire you to have fantastically colored tips just before you succumb to the scissors in a fit of discomfort. They clamor for it.

    SO ROCK.

  3. Howard, that hair has nothing to do with being white...

    Prince, you can buy it at Ricky's or any costume shop.

  4. you can flat iron it upwards and put a shit-ton of hair goop stuff in it and then messy it up.

  5. I shall conquer this white man's hairdo!!!