Contest Winner! (And He's Horrifically Disgusted!) (Or Is He Horrifically DisgustING?!)

I really didn't want Peter Kuo to win Bamboo Nation's latest contest. After all, his seemingly endless diatribe in that post's comments section made want to vomit up my insides onto a newborn. He writes, "I would be horrifically disgusted if this comment were [to] be selected as a winner for this so-called 'contest.'"

Well, guess what? I accidentally picked his name randomly, which means that he has just won a UCLA Bruins T-shirt and cap! I honestly don't know who is more horrifically disgusted right now.

Anyway, as you contemplate that question, you can also begrudgingly watch another one of Peter's Keep or Jot vlogs. (Remember the first one I begrudgingly posted?). In this one, he teaches you how to be funny. Supposedly. Watch:

Congratulations, Peter, I guess. Or not. I don't really freaking care. Come get your shit.

1 comment:

  1. ...I call shenanigans! This is an attempt to trick me by using big words like diatribe or shenanigans! Oh wait, I used that one...

    Humph well I will wear it to any function I know you'll be at. GO BRUINS! (I come from a Trojan family...I'm going to be burned at the stake...)

    P.S. To prove my point I think wjackalope, Feo & Will are all out to get me now...