That Prayer Cross Thing: Even Coveted in South Africa!

You know that I get some pretty weird e-mails, so it's no surprise that I recently got contacted in regard to one of the most popular posts on this blog: the one about the unintentionally hilarious Prayer Cross commercial. (If you check out the comments section, you'll discover people who absolutely don't get why it's so goddamn funny. I mean, the entire Lord's Prayer in a tiny necklace?! C'mon! That's comedy!)

Anyway, I received an e-mail from a group of women in South Africa who really want one, but don't have easy access to buy. While I was initially compelled to respond with a fistful of snark, I'm beginning to take their sincerity to heart:

we life in Pretoria Gauteng south-africa and we looking for the lords prayer cross to pay in south-africa, we are ± 4 ladys who wants to pay it . I had shaw that on the internet but we can not pay it from overseas, then we must pay 100 or more . can you help us with information please and thanks to you who beleaf in God .

Should I reply? Should I help them get this Prayer Cross thing that may be just the thing that changes their lives?! I mean, c'mon, they live in a place that was once know as the "the capital of Apartheid South Africa!"


  1. Don't mess the Prayer Cross, Fool!

  2. Who u callin a foo, foo?!

  3. Anonymous9/29/2013

    I hope you managed to get the cross to them by now. I am from SA and the Lord and the cross at times are our only hope in the times of rape, murder, famine and poverty to name but a few. Thank you for your time and efforts if you did. If you havent please let me know if I can help.