Top Ten Blog Posts of 2008 (Revised)

I recently realized that I made an egregious error whilst compiling my list of the Top Ten Blog Posts of 2008. Although the list did accurately reflect the posts on Bamboo Nation that were most viewed in 2008, I erroneously included posts that were not actually written in that year. In fact, seven of the posts on the list were first published in 2007. In an effort to correct my mistake, I have compiled below a new and official list of the Top Ten Blog Posts of 2008, now reflecting entries that were indeed penned in 2008.

An Open Letter to My Gay Friend; or Gay Marriage Is Not About Marriage, wherein a friend of mine receives a tongue-lashing (not the good kind) and the battle against Proposition 8 reaches its peak.

"High School Musical 3": The Gayest of Them All, wherein HSM3 promises the gay and proudly delivers.

Frequently Assed Questions: The Official Drake Bell Post, wherein everything you wanted to know about Drake Bell is condensed into one informative post.

World's Most Beautiful Asses, wherein butts finally receive the respect they deserve.

Sweet. Bitter., wherein I contemplate the aftermath of Proposition 8.

Union Man Speaks...Well, wherein a union dude stumps for Obama.

A Place Where Nobody Dared to Go , wherein I explore the wonders of the Playboy Mansion.

Anderson Cooper Gets (Half) Naked With Michael Phelps
, wherein softcore pornography comes to network news.

6 Things You Can Do to Stand Up for Equal Rights, wherein we tried everything we could.

An Alphabetical Journey of the Places I Went in (and Around) the Twin Cities, Part 1, wherein I recounted my travels.

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  1. I'm still pissed that no one alerted me bout some damn butt competition.