Acquiescing to Mike Valentino's True Nature

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, August 07, 2008
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By now, I've surely instilled at least a little bit of homosexual panic into Mike Valentino, a strong, virile, masculine, heterosexual hillbilly who hides behind his wife and his marriage in order to keep me and my online stalking at bay. But I honestly have no intention of compromising his straightness, his relationship, or his dignity, so I've decided to back off a little and call a truce.

On top of that, I'm perfectly willing to reaffirm his heterosexuality by switching gears here and talking about things like girls and beer and sports. Yes. Let's talk about sports. Mike Valentino surely likes sports. So here's a video clip to get Mike Valentino's mind off of the wonders of bi-curiosity and back into his world of straight men and their love of sports. You're welcome, Mike Valentino, you're welcome:

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  1. michael_karo Said,

    yeah, that should do the trick.


  2. Madley Said,

    I'm so glad I'm a member of one of your two main groups of readers -- forget Mike Valentino, you always know how to please us straight gals!



  3. Damn, you bitches are up late! Coming back from booty calls, I presume. Sluts.


  4. The New Me Said,

    Excellent choice! I'm sure he's all comfortable now.


  5. jterry Said,

    It's the rim job at about 0:35 that really exudes heterosexuality the most.


  6. Peter Varvel Said,

    Heh heh, this post had balls.


  7. I love such shameless--albeit innocent--displays of masculinity and fraternity.


  8. Apuykat Said,

    Response to Peter:
    This clip had may sweaty balls. A&F marketing team. Bless their hearts.


  9. I know A&F took a lot of heart a few years ago for being, well, you know, racist and all, but, if they keep putting out ads like this, I will shamelessly look the other way.


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