Acquiescing to Mike Valentino's True Nature Redux

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A couple days ago, I kindly posted a sports-themed video for Mike Valentino, my BFFF (Best Fuckin' Friend Forever, according to Pineapple Express). However, he was quick to point out publicly his "disgust for sports."

I stand corrected and humbled, as I now know that Mike Valentino is a man with more refined tastes, a man who has a deep appreciation for things like the performing arts. So, Mike Valentino, here's a bit of high culture to satisfy your high-minded (albeit heterosexual) needs:


  1. i'd say get a room, but, that's what you want to do, so...


    i got nothin'.

  2. I'm not THAT high cultured. Hell, I had to get out the dictionary and look up 'acquiescing'. Oh, I used another one of your pictures without permission.