The Life and Times of Pork Chop: Pork Chop's Origin Story, Part 11

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, April 30, 2009
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Diving and Disappearing
June 16, 2003

I should mention that Pork Chop has extra toes on his front paws as well, as this was confirmed by his vet, Dr. Rhee. (“Dr. Lee?” “No, Dr. Rhee!” “Dr. Lee?” “No, Dr. Rhee!”) I had gotten confused about the normal number of visible toes on cats. Yes, sometimes the Internet confuses me. Like when I type in “free porn” into Google, why does it take me to sites that make me pay to take a look? “Damn you!”

Pork Chop has taught us that he does two tricks. One involves diving and disappearing into his favorite white paper bag. The other involves fetching a feather toy in his mouth and carrying it across the room before mangling it, just like a dog. Not only is our cat a mutant, it has canine genes. Loren is going to videotape the feather-fetching bit, and I’m going to send the tape into that Funniest Animals show on Animal Planet, hosted by Mario Lopez, purrrrr. Mario also hosts kiddie Star Search or something like that, so he’s come a long way since his Saved by the Bell days.
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  1. Cheryl Said,

    My mutant cat does the same thing with her feather toy. But whenever I suggest she might be part bitch, she glares at me.


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